August Update

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A powerful storm comes to Arkesia as the Aeromancer makes her debut. Fight in two raids, score new skins, and head to the Maharaka festival.

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Rain of Terror

Aeromancer Specialist Class

The Aeromancer can harness mystical illusions to manipulate weather or vanquish enemies with a flick of her umbrella. Fill up her special Sun Shower meter to gain offensive and defensive benefits, giving your basic attacks splash damage, and you and your party damage reduction.

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Coming Soon

Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap - Part 3

New content arriving in Arkesia this year.

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New Raids

In-game image of boss Akkan holding his snake staff during a Legion Raid
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Absolute Corruption

Akkan Legion Raid

The Plague Legion Commander is endlessly extorting life and souls in Arthetine. Join a new 8-player Legion Raid to defeat him, bring peace to Arthetine, and earn rewards.

In-game image of Sonavel Guardian attacking players during a raid
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Complete Darkness

Sonavel Guardian Raid

A long time ago, the Elemental King protected Arkesia by following light and order. Once he abandoned that mission and chose chaos and darkness, he became Sonavel, determine to cause destruction. Once you’ve completed the Elgacia World Quest and met Vairgrys, you must defeat Sonavel.

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Maharaka Festival

Tooki Bangbang

Use water balloons to fill up the weapon gauge and shoot the Overheated Tooki to get points.

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Neria's Wardrobe

Beatbox & Overalls

From crop tops to overalls, shorts, shades, spikes, and more. Deck yourself out in new studs.

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Wield the Storm in Lost Ark's August update!
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