May 1 - May 29

Celebrate Maykoko Fest by completing weekly events and earning rewards! When the Lost Ark players reach certain milestones, all will be rewarded. Check the calendar to learn what you need to accomplish each week.

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Challenge Calendar

A cute Mokoko sticks out its tongue and touches its chin.  The objective is complete.
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So Emotional

May 1 - May 8
3,000,000 Mokoko Emotes were used!
A green Mokoko with pink cheeks types on a keyboard. The objective is complete.
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Dungeons & Rewards & Raids, Oh My!

May 17 - May 24
1,000,000 Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids completed while wearing a Mokoko Skin!
A green Mokoko with pink cheeks wears a Lost Ark costume. The objective is complete.
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Dress Up

May 15 - May 22
250,000 Legion Raids fully cleared while wearing a Mokoko Skin!
A green Mokoko with wears 3D glasses and eats popcorn. All three objectives are complete.
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Hope You're Hungry

May 22 - May 29
150,000 Feasts created & shared!
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