Steam Summer Sale

June 27, 2024

Heroes of Arkesia,

Pick up some summer essentials during the Steam Summer Sale with discounts on the Acceleration Pack and all three Starter Packs. The sales will last from June 27 - July 11. Whether you’re looking for some essentials as you begin your adventure in Arkesia or are working to hone an alternate character up in preparation for Tier 4, these packs should help in your journey.

Acceleration Pack Sale - 34% Discount

The Acceleration Pack includes:

  • Pheons x60

  • Character Customization Ticket x1

  • Crystals x1,000

  • Starter Protection Stone Selection Pouch x100 (select one of the following)

    • Guardian Stone Fragment x5,400

    • Crystallized Guardian Stone x1,000

    • Protection Stone x200

    • Refined Protection Stone x40

  • Starter Destruction Stone Selection Pouch x60 (select one of the following)

    • Destruction Stone Fragment x5,400

    • Crystallized Destruction Stone x1,000

    • Obliteration Stone x200

    • Refined Obliteration Stone x40

  • Starter Leapstone Selection Chest x40 (select one of the following)

    • Harmony Leapstone x300

    • Great Honor Leapstone x125

    • Marvelous Honor Leapstone x25

    • Radiant Honor Leapstone x5

  • Starter Fusion Material Selection Chest x22 (select one of the following)

    • Oreha Fusion Material x240

    • Superior Oreha Fusion Material x80

    • Prime Oreha Fusion Material x40

  • Honing Shard Selection Chest x80

    • Harmony Shard Pouch L x8

    • Honor Shard Pouch L x1

  • Ancient Platinum Coin x120

Starter Pack Sale - 50% Discount

Along with the Acceleration Pack Sale, all three Starter Packs (Essential, Premium, and Ultimate) are available for 50% off from June 27 until July 11.

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