June Twitch Drop & Creator Spotlight

June 19, 2024

Heroes of Arkesia,

A cache of Collective Battle Items arrives in a new Twitch Drop accompanying the Summer Heat Update, available for members of the Lost Ark Creator Program to enable on their channel. There are two Drops, and unlike tiered Drops, watch time for each Drop is earned simultaneously.

  • Drop 1 - 2hrs - Amethyst Shard x1,000

  • Drop 2 - 5hrs - 3x Collective Battle Item Chest

Make sure to head over to Twitch and watch your favorite Lost Ark content creators to earn the Twitch Drops before they end on July 17, as these Battle Items should help as you look to face new threats in South Kurzan, such as Echidna in the new Kazeros Raid. Looking for creators to watch as you earn your Twitch Drops? The content creators featured are members of the Lost Ark Creator Program — learn more about them below!

Creator Spotlight


Twitch Channel

Hello!! My name is Helen, and I've been playing Lost Ark since launch on NA East. I started off as a Shadowhunter main, and now main Souleater. Lost Ark is my very first MMO, I've made many friends and built a fun and chill community. I personally love how the raids have pushed me to become a better gamer, and I am always looking forward to new and upcoming content. I'm all about having a good time and laughing with a pinch of chaos, so if that sounds like something that fits your vibes, definitely drop by some time and hang out with us!


Twitch Channel

HEY GUYS! I’m MisoxShiru and you might know me from my YouTube videos, but yes, I also stream on Twitch! I have been playing Lost Ark even before it launched globally and am one of the few rare NA West content creators on Twitch and even rarer Striker mains. I do a ton of collabs with other creators in my community as well through my podcast that happens at least once every two weeks. So if you want to enjoy an extremely interactive and good vibes stream where you will see many of your other favorite streamers featured, I hope that you will come through and hang out with me! Also, a huge fan of K-POP, so come by and chill.


Twitch Channel

Hallooo! My name is Kitty, and I have been playing Lost Ark since launch. I started streaming the game when my friends asked to watch my Vykas prog 2 years ago. RNGesus picked Artist as my main, but I also occasionally love being a dps goblino on my SE/Sorc. As someone who enjoys a challenge, I love running Legion Raids and spending my free time as a casual Inferno content enjoyer. My community, the Litter Box, is all about wholesome vibes and good laughs, and we welcome everyone from new mokokos to degens. I'm not the best player, but I do strive to learn and improve every single day. Come chat with me and let's play together.