December Twitch Drop & Creator Spotlight

December 13, 2023

Heroes of Arkesia,

A Winter Chamkuri Mount Selection Drop accompanies the Voldis Wonderland Update, available for members of the Lost Ark Creator Program to enable on their channel. There are two Drops, each with their own watch time. Unlike tiered drops, watch time for each drop is earned simultaneously.

  • Drop 1 - 2hrs - Amethyst Shard x1000

  • Drop 2 - 6hrs - Winter Chamkuri Selection Chest

    • Icy Chamkuri Mount

    • Rudolfie Chamkuri

Make sure to head over to Twitch and watch your favorite Lost Ark content creators to earn the drops before they end on January 9.

Creator Spotlight

Looking for creators to watch as you earn your Twitch Drops? The featured content creators are members of the Lost Ark Creator Program— learn more about them below!


Twitch Channel

Hi! My name is Rayina and I am a Lost Ark Streamer! Started this game when it came to NA almost 2 years ago now and made my community join me. We are still just as addicted as we were when we first started. Honestly, I owe this a lot to this game. I grew so much on Twitch, met many new friends, but I also ended up meeting my fiancé thanks to Lost Ark. I don't offer many educational tips about the game, but I do offer some laughs and a good time.


Twitch Channel

Hi Guys, I'm Baker and I've streamed mainly Lost Ark for almost 2 years now. I play on the EU Region and do a lot of raids and projects like the “Fate Ember Research” or Gold Earning Challenge (Corpa Week) together with my amazing community. I've also been working closely with Amazon Games and new players as a "Mokoko Mentor" on the Jump-Start servers and welcome anyone in stream who has questions. I'm a Striker main but play way too many classes because I love a variety of playstyles and the uniqueness of every class. Come by if you want to enjoy chill vibes with us.


Twitch Channel

My name is Myca and I’ve been streaming Lost Ark since launch, almost 2 years now. I strive to create a positive and helpful streaming community that everyone feels welcome in. I love Lost Ark and am always pushing to defeat the newest content as it releases with my amazing community. I’m an Artist main and have always loved support/healer roles in MMOs and Lost Ark is no different! Feel free to drop by and ask me any questions you might have about the game or just to hang out!