Intro to Lost Ark Character Classes

July 6, 2021

Heroes of Arkesia,

Lost Ark offers 5 powerful base classes; Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin. Each class presents a distinct gameplay style, look, and role with their own strengths and weaknesses. From the dieselpunk deserts where the Gunslinger roams to the dark castles where Assassins lurk in the shadows, each Class brings a unique flavor and backstory to Lost Ark.


Warriors are the powerhouses of Arkesia. They may not be the most nimble, so they stand their ground and make up for mobility with cataclysmic impact. Learn more about the Warrior Advanced Classes here.

Martial Artist

These quick-footed fighters like to rush the enemy with combined attacks at lethal speeds that can only be described as breakneck. Learn more about the Martial Artist Advanced Classes here.


Whether wielding high-tech weapons or bows and arrows that never jam, keep an eagle eye on these sharpshooters or they may even hit you with their worst shot. Learn more about the Gunner Advanced Classes here.


These mystical conjurers tap into the ancient magic of Arkesia to cast deadly spells on evil forces, heal the wounded, or support allies. Learn more about the Mage Advanced Classes here.


These mysterious melee-makers fight demonic with demonic, channeling the dark powers in the name of the light in quick, colorful attacks. Learn more about the Assassin Advanced Classes here.

Once you know which base Class is right for you, you will then select an Advanced Class to further customize how you want to play. These Advanced Classes will help you further specialize your skills and abilities and even introduce unique gameplay mechanics, such as channeling demonic powers, turret-style gunplay, and a variety of other customizable melee, ranged, and special attacks.

With so many play styles available, it is easy to find and customize one to fit your playstyle. In the coming weeks, we will delve into the strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities of each Class, showcasing their skills, gear, and role on the battlefield or dungeon.

Existing Lost Ark fans will know that in addition to the classes we have listed there are currently more Classes available in other regions. In time, these other Classes will also be released into the western version of Lost Ark. Due to balance issues, upcoming changes to these Classes, and localization requirements, the decision was made to not include them in our version at launch but to add them post-launch.

Additionally, class naming conventions may differ region to region, language to language. When working with Smilegate to select the class names for the first primarily English version of the game, our goal was to choose evocative Class names that highlight what makes each class unique and provide the player with a clear and immediate image of how that Class might play and interact with others.

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for more in-depth information on the Classes available in Lost Ark along with news and updates as we head toward Closed Beta and beyond. Make sure to follow our social channels and to stay up-to-date. Here’s where you can find us:

See you in Arkesia!