March Twitch Drop & Creator Spotlight

March 20, 2024

Heroes of Arkesia,

A Tiger Pet Selection Chest Twitch Drop accompanies the Break Through to Thaemine Update, available for members of the Lost Ark Creator Program to enable on their channel. There are three Twitch Drops arriving, and unlike tiered drops, watch time for each drop is earned simultaneously.

  • Drop 1 - 2hrs - Amethyst Shard x1000

  • Drop 2 - 5hrs - Event Card Pack

    • Legendary - Rare Card Pack x5

    • Legendary – Epic Card Pack x2

  • Drop 3 - 8hrs - Tiger Pet Selection Chest

Make sure to head over to Twitch and watch your favorite Lost Ark content creators to earn the drops before they end on April 17. Looking for creators to watch as you earn your Twitch Drops, especially with the new Breaker Advanced Class releasing? The content creators featured are members of the Lost Ark Creator Program— learn more about them below!

Creator Spotlight


Twitch Channel

BONJOUR GAMERS, I'm Cauttyh! I'm a Lost Ark content creator from Quebec. I started the game at launch like most people and have been enjoying the game over the past 2 years! I have built a community of gamers who like to just have fun. I have met some amazing people and INCREDIBLE friends through Lost Ark and my community. If you guys want to come laugh, smile and possibly get that weird butterfly feeling you get before you give your crush a kiss come check me out on Twitch!


Twitch Channel

Hello! My name is Laufie, I'm a Canadian Slav who loves RPGs, especially of the MMO variety. I've played Lost Ark since its Korean launch in 2018, and as someone who streams the game regularly I get the most joy from helping new and returning players, doing blind raids with my community, and talking about what an amazing class Deadeye is. I'm cursed with only enjoying Entropy classes and ever since the rework announcement I live in constant fear. My goal with streaming is to make people laugh and provide a fun place to hang out while we all farm together.


Twitch Channel

Hey everyone, I'm Strylander! You may know me as the go-to teacher for raids. I'm most known for helping new and returning players learn raids every week. Whether you're diving into raids for the first time or aiming to tackle Inferno content, I've got you covered. I stream almost every day and I'm more than happy to meet new people and answer any questions or help in any way I can. It's not just about gameplay; it's about building a welcoming community where everyone can feel at home and share some laughs. And with the release of the Breaker class, there's even more excitement coming. Join me for a week-long exploration of different builds and playstyles as we dive into the newest class together. If you play on NA East and are looking to learn some raids, or if you just want a new place to hangout while you play, come on by my Twitch channel!