The Saga of Thaemine

April 2, 2024
Release Notes

Heroes of Arkesia,

The Darkness Legion Commander’s arrival is imminent. Thaemine is the most powerful of the Legion Commanders who once conquered half of Petrania alone, long ago. After facing Kazeros, he accepted the role of the Legion Commander of Darkness. Now, the loyal knights imbued with Thaemine's dark blessings rush to Arkesia, leading demons from other Legions. The saga of Thaemine will unfold throughout the month of April, with three key dates for adventurers to keep an eye on.

Thaemine’s Arrival

The Thaemine Prologue Dark Days story questline arrives tomorrow, on April 3. In this new storyline, players will help Thirain investigate new, mysterious events unfolding in Luterra. Find the release notes for the prologue in the next section.

Two weeks later, the Darkness Legion Commander will arrive in Arkesia. The Thaemine Legion Raid Normal and Hard difficulties will release on April 17, in the major April monthly update. Triumphing over Thaemine in his dark fortress will grant players the ability to claim new power in the form of a new progression system— Transcendence. As we approach Thaemine’s arrival in the major April update, more details on the new systems and other content updates can be found in the release notes.

During the weekend following the April update, the original Thaemine The First difficultly will open for a special race to clear on April 20. Later this week, we’ll release an article with details for players eager to compete.

Thaemine Prologue Release Notes

The Dark Days questline will arrive after the weekly maintenance. Downtime will begin on April 3 at 12AM PT (7 AM UTC) and is expected to last 6 hours.

Thirain, the King of Luterra, swore on his legendary sword Vanquisher that he would always protect the people of Luterra and Arkesia, as he and his knights have ever since the emergence of Chaos Gates. However, suspicious events are occurring in Luterra. Experience a new line of story quests that lead into the Thaemine Legion Raid. The prologue quests will require Item Level 1520.

New relevant quests added, along with a new Achievement and Title. The starting quest for the Thaemine Prologue is ‘Red Mist After Dusk’. This quest can be accepted in the following cities:

  • Voldis: Kalinar (NPC Hogun)

  • North Vern: Vern Castle (NPC Hogun)

  • Elgacia: Ereonnor (Transparent Mirror)

Prerequisite Quests:

  • Found Key, Pulsating Volcano – Episode ‘Light of Destiny’ Quest

  • Adento's Legacy - Voldis World Quest


  • While progressing the Thaemine Prologue quest line, partial normal or rapport quests in Luterra Castle cannot be progressed at the same time.

  • After completing the Thaemine Prologue quest line, cannot participate in 'Festivals and Parties' - Luterra Castle co-op quest for a while.

  • The Thaemine Prologue can be completed once per Roster.

Make sure to stay tuned into our website and social channels for news and updates as Thaemine’s arrival grows closer. In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia.