November Soul Harvest Release Notes

November 13, 2023
Release Notes

Heroes of Arkesia,

The November “Soul Harvest” Update arrives in Arkesia tomorrow. Downtime will begin on November 15 at 1AM PDT (9AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours. This update brings the Souleater Advanced Class, new progression events, Quality of Life (QoL) changes, and more! Henry is back with an episode of “Patchnotes with Henry” for any players looking for an express video explanation and visual showcase.

Let us know on YouTube if you enjoy this type of content from our team and would like to see more heading forward. Want all the details? Find the full list of content, events, skins, and other updates below!

Souleater Advanced Class

The Souleater arrives in Arkesia, accompanied by progression events to help players quickly level up. Learn about the Souleater’s abilities, engravings, and progression events below. The Souleater – the Master of Specters – is an Assassin subclass who wields a giant scythe to collect her enemies’ souls. Souleater can choose to attack in three different ways: directly with the scythe, by summoning the dead, or with powerful Deathlord attacks.

For an in-depth look at the class identity, engravings, and skills, visit the Souleater Lost Ark Academy Article.

Progression Events

South Vern Powerpass & Super Mokoko Express Event

An Event South Vern Powerpass will release with the update for players to use until February 7, 2024. Pairing well with the South Vern Powerpass, players will be able to designate one character between Item Level 1415 and 1540 on their account to participate in the Super Mokoko Express Event, where they’ll have discounted honing rates, discounted gold requirements, and earn honing materials to quickly level up to Item Level 1540 and beyond, with reward chests up to Item Level 1570.

There are also Combat Style Setting Support options for players to easily set skills and Engravings through presets, and get item support for accessories with relevant stats and Ability Stones. The designated character will earn valuable rewards as they level up, including Silver, honing materials, high level Gems, Engravings, and more!

The Super Mokoko Express Event also includes an Engraving Support system that lets players choose 5 engravings to be in effect at level 3 during the event. Here’s how to get started:

  • After selecting a Super Mokoko Express character, the Engraving Support button will light up.

  • Click the Engraving Support button to open the Engraving Support page and select your 5 desired Engravings.

  • Press the Activate Engraving Support button to start using their effects.

  • The effects of Engraving Support will also be shown in your Character Profile.

The Event will last until February 7, 2024.

Path of the Souleater

A new progression arrives, built to progress a character quickly from 1490 to 1610. This special event includes:

  • A Gear Honing Support Effect applied when honing Brelshaza Ancient Gear from 1540 to 1580 that decreases the amount of Gold and materials needed to hone along with increased honing rates.

  • 2x Artisan’s Energy when honing Brelshaza Ancient Gear from 1540 to 1580.

  • Caches of rewards every 10 Item Levels from 1540 to 1580, with a particularly valuable reward at 1580.

    • Rewards include silver, gold, honing materials, honing books, and card packs!

  • Special Missions to earn additional Raid & Abyssal Dungeon materials, including bonuses of:

    • Phantom Intentions from the Brelshaza Legion Raid

    • Empyrean of Contemplation from the Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon

    • Eye of Decay from the Akkan Legion Raid

While the event is named after the Souleater, it can be used on any character, not just a Souleater. The Event will last until February 7, 2024.

Jump-Start Server Reconnection

In the November Update, we will be reconnecting Jump-Start Servers. When Jump-Start Servers are reconnected to their respective region, they will function like any other server, with the Auction House, Marketplace, PvE Matchmaking, and Party-Finder all available to play and interact with other players in that region. The Jump-Start Server progression events will continue as previously planned until December 13, 2023.

Voldis Prologue Quest

  • Prologue Quest for Voldis Added: "Madnick's Call".

    • Quest can be obtained from the NPC 'Shushire Mercenary' located at each city.

    • In Ereonnor, the quest can be obtained from the 'Transparent Mirror'.

  • The prerequisite quests for "Madnick's Call" are:

    • The 'Twilight Hill' World Quest in Pleccia

    • The 'Elpon' World Quest in Shushire


  • The progression events that launched alongside the Aeromancer (the previous South Vern Powerpass, Super Mokoko Express Event, and Story Express Event) will draw to a close with this update.

  • The Login Events & Hot Time Events have been refreshed.

Event Guardian Raid

  • The Event Guardian Raid continues with this update.

  • Ancient Gold Coins (redeemable for Silver) have been added to the Event Guardian Raid shop as an outlet for players with excess Event Coins.

Daily Playtime Event

The Daily Playtime Event returns, which rewards players based on daily accumulated playtime. To be eligible, a player will need to have a character Combat Level 50 or higher, and have Trusted Status. Rewards will be given at 15min / 45min / 60min / 75min / 90min of playtime, and include valuable items such as silver, honing materials, card packs, and more!

Store Updates

Two new cosmetic collections arrive, along with exclusive Souleater cosmetics. Find the new collections showcased below.

Gothic Skins

Show your dark side with the new Goth skins. Heavy sigh and roll your eyes sitting on your Rose Throne Mount accompanied by the Nocturnal Cat. Don’t forget the Lone Prairie wallpaper, so your scenery can be as empty as your soul.

Song of Adventure Skins

The Korean fourth Anniversary Skins arrive, along with the Vykas Pet and Dragon Mount. Slayer Skins have also been developed and added to the collection. Find them showcased here.

Souleater Exclusive Skins

Souleater Launch Skins arrive with two color variations, along with the Epic and Legendary Leap Yoz’s Jar Skins. Find the launch skins and Legendary Leap skins showcased below.

Quality of Life

Ocean Liner Update

  • Added 'Board Ocean Liner' button under the World Map, allowing players to use the Ocean Liner without speaking to the Ocean Liner NPC.

  • When boarding an Ocean Liner, players no longer enter the Liner and will instead move straight to the target port.

    When moving between continents with the Liner, an exclusive Liner loading image shown.

  • Liners can be used between the following continents and Rohendel:

    • Luterra, Tortoyk, Anikka, and Arthetine.

  • Liners can now be used between the following continents and Tortoyk:

    • Arthetine, North/South Vern, Shushire, Rohendel, Yorn, Feiton, Punika, Rowen, and Pleccia.

Party Assembly & Operations Improvements

  • Party numbers are not mixed anymore when the party leader changes.

  • A notification is displayed mid-screen when changing party leader.

  • Raid group setting UI feature improved:

    • Raid group setting UI usable in party state through a new icon.

    • Can change party number freely when using raid group setting UI in party state.

    • Can change party number while in a raid group.

Potion Item Registration Option Added

  • When acquiring higher level healing potions than the one in the inventory, the new potion will automatically register in a free slot (up to level 50).

  • Settings > Gameplay > Combat Related Settings > 'Potion auto-register' option added.

    When the option is applied, new potions will be auto-registered in a free slot in Tier 2 and above.

Guild Updates

  • Max. number of Lv. 1 guild members changed from 30 members to 100 members.

  • Leaving Guild penalty has been adjusted.

    • Penalty set to 1 day when leaving/being expelled from a guild in New Member state (penalty not accumulated).

    • Guild leaving penalty in normal member state lessened to max. 7 days (total 5 times).

    • Guild leaving penalty reduced to 24hrs when character level is below 50 (total 5 times).

  • Raid Match difficulty adjusted

    • Certain boss monsters in Guild Raid Match have been adjusted to match the actual tier.

Skins & Skin Crafting

  • Skins exchangeable at the 'Exchange Rapport' NPC in major cities changed from Advanced Class to Class wearable (ie. from Berserker to Warrior).

    • When dismantling skins made prior to the patch, players can acquire skins with the new standards.

  • Skins exchangeable at the 'Exchange Rapport' NPC in major cities changed from character bound to roster bound.

  • Skins exchangeable at 'Skinsmith' NPC in major cities changed from Advanced Class to Class wearable, including:

    • Noble Endeavor Skin

    • Zealous Endeavor Skin

    • Harmonious Blessings Skin

    • Harmonious Touch Skin

    • (When dismantling skins made prior to the patch, can acquire skins with new standards)

  • New dyeable section added

    • Newly included section will glow, and will

      only be available for color dye reagent.

      This section is only available for certain skins.

  • Added a new Skin tooltip.

    • When a character is wearing separate 'Chestpiece' and 'Pants' skins and you want to compare your skins stats to a 'Chestpiece and Pants' skin set, the tooltip will show an effect that is the sum of chestpiece and pants so it's easier to compare the stats.

Music UI Improvements

  • Improved right-click play of selected music in the music UI, t

    o show only the current list of music.

  • Improved the view of simplified music lists through the 'brief view' button in the music UI.

Stronghold & Lifeskill Updates

  • When using 'Ready to Sail' button in Stronghold, move straight to Docking Mode in the character-located continent's port.

    • This QoL feature can only be used after unlocking sailing content.

    • Only usable when the Triport closest to the Docking Mode portal is registered.

  • New Jukebox music added:

    • Mokoko Street

    • Lost Survival

  • When engaged in life skills or minigames, players can no longer use 'Leap Essence' if the character does not have enough life energy to perform the task.

  • HP is now restored upon returning to Stronghold after exiting from Ebony Cube with less than full HP.

  • Feast Updates:

    • Can select the effect of the feast upon using the feast:

      • Can check the effects of the menu in 'Chef's Kitchen'.

      • Can interact with the completed feast to select the desired menu and eat.

    • ‘Today's Menu' notice board in Chef's Kitchen removed.

    • Can check feast menu even when the character has 'Full' buff after eating feast.

UI Updates

  • Gold acquisition notifications have been increased from 5 to 6 digits (up to 999,999 instead of 99,999).

  • Continent names are now shown on the left side of World Map.

  • Exchange categories of Wandering Merchants in each continent are now listed in the same order.

  • When adjusting the minimap widget, improvements have been added to clearly show the difference between a canceled drag and the drag & drop completed state.

  • The Interaction wheel is now shown in Observer mode.

  • Updated the Recommended Skill system for new players.

    • New Player Recommended Skill button will be displayed instead of the 'Recommended Skill' button for characters under combat level 50.

    • Skill preset will be set accordingly to the player's combat level and skill points when using this button.

  • If it’s not possible to enter a certain gate of an activity, a status guide will be displayed in the Applicant tab & Participant tab within the Party Finder UI.

  • Daily/Weekly Una's Task count color changed to white.

  • When placing the mouse cursor over the skill rune UI in Character Settings while in the Trixion training grounds, a tooltip is now shown in an identical format.

    • Specifics about the item are now shown when hovering the cursor over skill runes.

Tooltip Updates

  • Tooltip augmented to let players know every engraving recipe acquirable in the expected rewards tab of Chaos Dungeons.

  • When the item highlighted by the cursor is changed, the new item’s tooltip is renewed immediately.

  • Tooltip added to certain bound items that are used before tradable ones.

Gear Tooltip Updates

  • Set Effect components will be displayed with a symbol.

  • Scroll sensitivity for long tooltips has been improved.

  • When the 'Show Tooltip Details' option is deactivated, gear preset and honing XP will not be displayed.

  • Sidereal weapon tooltip will show current set effect type and level.

  • When the player already has higher set level gear, and they craft a piece of gear of the same type, the gear tooltip will display 'owned' text if the set effect of both pieces of gear is the same.

Chest Item Tooltip will now show the number of items in the following chests:

  • Demon Beast Tendon Chest

  • Demon Beast Bone Chest

  • Covetous Fang Chest

  • Covetous Wing Chest

Item Use Updates

  • The following items will be automatically used upon obtaining them from Exchanges or Purchases in Shops:

    • Emotes, Mounts, Pest, Recipes, Jukebox Musics, Toys, Emoticon Packs, Titles, Crew Applications, Stronghold Crew Applications, Sails, Skill Runes, Sheet Music, Adventurer's Tomb Food.


  • Unlocked the Pleccia Knowledge Transfer.

  • The amount of Card XP earned in Chaos Gates has been slightly increased.

  • Improved the awkwardness of the Destroyer's 'Hyper Gravity Zone' activation.

  • When an Artist has full Harmony Orbs, a Stimulant item cannot be used.

  • Made it easier for characters to move in certain areas within Bellion Ruins located in South Vern.

  • Character slots have been extended from 24 to 30.

  • When moving stored materials to the inventory by changing them into normal items, can they can now overlap up to 9999 items instead of 999.

  • Quest dialogue skip setting option added (Shift G vs. G hold). The setting can be found in Settings > Gameplay > Control Settings > 'Skip Quest Dialogue'.

  • Wandering Merchant Updates

    • The Wandering Merchant with a Thunderwings Card will now appear in South Vern instead of East Luterra.

    • Separated 'Wandering Merchant' from 'Trade Merchant' category from World Map Legend so that it can be displayed at the top of the NPC list

    • World Map's Wandering Merchant Map Symbol Tooltip Sell List will display which items are unavailable currently to the players

    • If the server environment gets refreshed via Server Maintenances or others, the already present Wandering Merchant will not disappear.

  • New Graphics option added an 'Indirect Shadows' setting.

Combat & Activities

  • Being hit in invincible state no longer affects the 'Master of Evasion' medal acquisition.

  • No longer able to attack monsters and characters with Q (bash) skill in certain Mokoko transformation toy.

  • The CC time in class skills and Tripod tooltips have been updated to show up to tenths place value, the same as the PvP skill tooltip.

  • Buffs can now be applied to party members drowning in water, such as in the Akkan Legion Raid.

  • The “/Escape” command is no longer available in Abyssal Dungeons.

  • Slow Turtle Captain' monster's HP in Isle of Yearning has increased.

  • Hermut - Rowen Field Boss:

    • No longer able to PvP in Rowen field boss Hermut spawn area

    • Hermut's Barrier buff applied

    • Activated when entering Hermut's spawn area

    • Cannot perform the following actions when Hermut's Barrier buff is applied:

      • Combat with the opposing faction's adventurers and NPCs

      • Base siege

      • Change faction

    • Changed 'Poison Fire' debuff used by Rowen field boss 'Hermut'

      • Before: Inflict [Fire] element magic damage every second, and reduce Attack and Movement speed by 20%

      • After: Inflict [Fire] element magic damage every second, and reduce Movement speed by 10%.

  • Added 'Receive all rewards' button in Mokoko Challenge UI. Players can now receive all claimable rewards in the selected category.

  • Illusion Bamboo Island quest 'Shandi's Trial: Focusing': 'Find the real Shandi' quest's objective changed from finding 3 Shandis to 1 Shandi.

  • Entry requirements and difficulty adjusted for Fortunespire

    • 41st - 45th Floor: Changed from Item Level 1570 to to 1560

    • 46th - 50th Floor: Changed from Item Level 1580 to to 1560

  • Players will not be able to use Awakening Skills in Trixion (Can still use Awakening Skills in Trixion Training Grounds and Special Training).

  • Placed teleporters in the 'Foggy Ridge' Map used for Guardian Raids.

Content Balance Updates

Argos Abyss Raid

  • Gate 1: Decreased damage when Argos creates a pattern with crisscrossing 'Sun' and 'Moon' areas.

  • When patterns with high damage are about to begin during Gates 1 - 3, a message will now appear to prepare players.

Guardian Raids

  • Level 1 - Vertus: Certain patterns' damage decreased

  • Level 2 - 4 Guardians mechanics were made easier, and their attacks have less outgoing damage.

  • Level 3 Achates - Removing Achates' shield with the Guardian Statue's runes was made easier (this change does not apply to the Trial Guardian Raid).

  • Level 4 Alberhastic - When players fail a mechanic, Alberhastic will deal massive damage to players instead of instantly killing them.

Tier 2 Abyssal Dungeons

  • Ancient Elveria: Necromancer's Origin:

    • When the 'Death Gaze' debuff reaches 5 stacks during the fight with 'Reanimated Garum', players will receive massive damage instead of a raid wipe.

  • Abyssal Dungeon - Phantom Palace - Hall of the Twisted Warlord:

    • Gate 1: The berserk effect of Phantom Legion Bishop and Phantom Legion Rook has been slightly reduced.

    • Gate 2: When the Phantom Cut debuff is removed, a buff removal text displays on the screen.

    • Gate 3: When Phantom Cut debuff stacks 3 times, players will receive massive damage instead of a raid wipe.

  • Abyssal Dungeon - Phantom Palace - Hildebrandt Palace:

    • Gate 1: Phantom Wave skill of Phantom Legion Queen is no longer an instant kill, instead it deals massive damage.

    • The difficulty when facing Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza has been slightly lowered.

    • Gate 3: When the pattern to stagger Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza fails, players will receive massive damage instead of a raid wipe.

    • Gate 3: When failing to clear the faint phantom energy with a trail of light, regular damage is dealt instead of wiping the player

  • Abyssal Dungeon - Ark of Arrogance - Road of Lament:

    • Gate 1: Nazan’s rotation speed has been slightly reduced when using a pattern that releases magical energy.

    • Gate 1: When Nazan uses a pattern that releases magical energy, it has been changed to reduce player's movement speed when hit by a red circular area instead of getting stunned.

    • Gate 2: The difficulty of the pattern in which Kyzra fires red/yellow magical energy has been slightly decreased.

  • Abyssal Dungeon - Ark of Arrogance - Forge of Fallen Pride:

    • Gate 1: Players no longer can be excessively hit by some Amaus’ skills.

    • Gate 1: The frequency of use of the Ember debuff imposed by Amaus has been reduced.

    • Gate 1: The 'Extreme State' debuff has been changed to be removed immediately when Amaus is defeated.

    • Gate 2: The damage of the counterattack skill used by Kaishur has been slightly reduced.

    • Gate 2: The counterattack requirement for the counterattack skill used by Kaishur has been relaxed.

  • Abyssal Dungeon - Gate of Paradise - Sea of Indolence:

    • The maximum number of stacks and duration of the Bleed debuff given by Gate 1 Deep Sea Shankrima have been lowered.

    • The conditions for removing the Akam's Curse debuff at Gate 2 have been slightly relaxed

    • The Akam's Curse debuff has been changed to be applied when the 2nd Gate Akam's Wound debuff is stacked 8 times.

    • The use cycle of the annihilator used by Gate 2 Indolence Sentinel Akam has been slightly relaxed

    • The difficulty of conquering some patterns of Gate 2 Indolence Sentinel Akam have been reduced.

  • Abyssal Dungeon - Gate of Paradise - Tranquil Karkosa:

    • The usage cycle and neutralization requirements of the pattern that blocks the powerful attack of Gate 1 Kallvan of the Eroded Storm have been reduced.

    • The requirement to destroy the shield of the ‘Hexist’ summoned by Kallvan of the Eroded Storm has been reduced.

    • The 'breath gauge' value that decreases when hit by a specific skill of Gate 1 Kallvan of the Eroded Storm has been lowered.

    • We have relaxed the conditions for lifting the imprisonment debuff caused by Karkosa's Punisher at Gate 2.

    • Gate 2 Karkosa's Punisher's damage has been lowered for the skill that picks up and attacks the character.

    • We have relaxed the conditions for attacking the Bagua pattern used by Gate 3 Karkosa Monarch Draikhan.

    • The damage and movement speed reduction values of the Waterlogging and Electric Shock debuffs given by Gate 3 Karkosa Monarch Draikhan have been lowered.

  • Abyssal Dungeon - Gate of Paradise - Alaric's Sanctuary:

    • The sight distance reduction value of the Darkness debuff given by Gate 1 Withering Chaos has been reduced.

    • The judgment positions of some skills of Gate 1 Nightmare Incarnate Belloc have been adjusted.

    • Gate 2 Alaric has lowered the number of people to whom circular tokens are given.

    • The damage amount of the strong attack pattern used by Gateway 2 Alaric on targets with a red mark has been lowered.

    • The hit judgment of the wave whirlwind summoned by Gate 2 Alaric has been relaxed.

    • When hit by a wave summoned by Gate 3 Alaric, the character has been changed to take significant damage instead of dying.

    • The neutralization requirement required to attack the 3rd Gate Astral Gate summoning pattern has been reduced.

    • When the 3rd gateway Astral Gate summoning pattern fails, the skill used by Alaric has been changed so that the character takes significant damage instead of dying.

    • The duration of the Freeze debuff given by Gate 3 Alaric has been reduced.

Counter difficulty was decreased in the following activities:

  • Guardian Raids: Urnil+, Lumerus, Icy Legoros, Vertus, Chromanium, Nacrasena, Flame Fox Yoho, Tytalos, Dark Legoros, Helgaia, Achates, Frost Helgaia, Lava Chromanium, Levanos, and Alberhastic.

  • Abyssal Dungeons:

    • Ancient Elveria Demon Beast Canyon - Corrupted Vazuela, Vile Scarkrill

    • Phantom Palace Phantom Palace Hildebrandt - Brelshaza

    • Ark of Arrogance Road of Lament - Nazan, Kyzra

    • Ark of Arrogance Forge of Fallen Pride - Kaishur

    • Gate of Paradise Tranquil Karkosa - Karkosa Punisher

Class UI Updates

The following class engraving icons were changed to avoid confusion, as the icons are used in the UI elsewhere.

  • Gunlancer - Lone Knight, Combat Readiness

  • Berserker - Berserker Technique, Mayhem

  • Destroyer - Gravity Training

  • Artillerist - Firepower Enhancement

  • Sharpshooter - Loyal Companion

  • Arcanist - Grace of the Empress, Order of the Emperor

  • Summoner - Communication Overflow

  • Bard - True Courage, Desperate Salvation