August Update

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Spend your summer outside with your paw-tners at the Pet Ranch, make a splash at the Waterpop Arena, and don’t miss the Mokoko’s in bloom.

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Maharaka Festival

Blooming Mokokos

The leaves from the Maharaka Tree in Maharaka Paradise are known to bring good luck. Collect as many as you can during the Maharaka Festival and exchange them for mounts, animal skins, and more!

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Pet Ranch

Ranchers Delight

The Pet Ranch is the perfect place to play, grow, and earn rewards with your pet. Complete the 'Yay, Pet Ranch!’ quest after you've unlocked the farm, the cave, and have a pet. Recover your pet’s morale, manage pet functions, and earn Jelly Cookies that can be exchanged for other items.

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Waterpop Arena

Paradise Pool Party

The fun continues at the Maharaka Paradise pool. Try to push the opposing team out of the arena by firing at them with a Water Pro. As the game progresses, the arena gets smaller and smaller; try and rack up points as quickly as possible to win.

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