2 Extreme Release Notes

February 6, 2024
Release Notes

Heroes of Arkesia,

The February “2 Extreme” Update arrives in Arkesia tomorrow. Downtime will begin on February 7 at 1AM PT (9 AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours. The February Update includes Valtan Extreme, several special anniversary events, and more! Find the full list of content, events, skins, and other updates below. Henry is back with an episode of “Patch Notes with Henry” for any players looking for an express video explanation and visual showcase.

Let us know on YouTube if you enjoy this type of content from our team and would like to see more heading forward. Want all the details? Find the full list of content, events, skins, and other updates below!

Valtan Extreme

Valtan will return in a new, challenging version of the 8-player raid. There are two versions of Valtan Extreme - Normal at Item Level 1580, and Hard at Item Level 1620. With greater challenge comes greater rewards. There are first-time-clear rewards that will be given upon clearing 2 Gates, along with rewards as you reclear. Each roster can enter the raid once every 2 weeks, with gate progress bound to the character that cleared the first gate.

Gold can be obtained regardless of the character being designated to earn Gold or not upon clearing. Reward opportunity resets every 2 weeks, and the rewards can be claimed by the cadence below:

  • 2/7 (after maintenance) - 2/21 (before maintenance)

  • 2/21 (after maintenance) - 3/6 (before maintenance)

  • 3/6 (after maintenance) - 3/20 (before maintenance)

Players can enter through the Legion Raid 'Demon Beast Commander Valtan' entry UI by clicking the 'Extreme' button, and the corresponding Party Finder sections have been added to the UI.

When a Gate has been cleared, players can reset the progress by using the 'Gate Reset' feature. When a Gate is reset, all progress on Gate 1 is reset and the player can either select a different difficulty and try the raid again, or players can enter the raid with a different character.


  • The Freja Island Event will draw to a close with the February Update.

  • A new Daily Log-in Reward track and new Fever Time events have been added that include special second anniversary rewards.

  • The Daily Playtime Rewards will continue until February 28.

  • Added a new event shop with tabs for several special anniversary events.

Arkesia Festival

Players can take part in celebrating Lost Ark’s Second Anniversary at the Arkesia Festival. Every two weeks of the festival there will be a new co-op quest for players to participate in, keeping things fun and fresh as you earn tokens to trade in for valuable rewards. The event will take place in the port cities of major continents.

Week 1-2 (2/7 - 2/21) What I'm Looking For

Find the item matching the random buffs appearing overhead! 3 types of random buffs will be given one at a time, and players must find the item identical to the given buffs to acquire points.

Week 3-4 (2/21 - 3/6) Run, Piñata, Run!

All players participating in the event will turn into a giant Piñata, and will race to the finish line. A brief introduction about the controls will be provided after receiving the quest. Use the three skills provided to reach first place in the race!

Week 5-6 (3/6 - 3/20) Break the Gourd! / A Heart Full of Love

In the event 'Break the Gourd!', players can use the 'Naughty and Nice Piñata Candy' to break the gourd in time to get second Anniversary tokens! After the 'Break the Gourd!' event is finished, players can gather around to celebrate the second Anniversary of Lost Ark through together. All players who participate will receive token rewards.

Tokens can be earned by participating in the events, clearing Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids, and from Daily Playtime Rewards, and redeemed in the event shop. Rewards include progression and honing materials, and a special reward of the Providence and Unity Skins!

Birthday Bash

In addition to the Arkesia Festival, a new Birthday Bash Event will take players on a trip down memory lane and lead them to earn rewards by re-experiencing some of the most iconic pieces of Lost Ark content that released over the last year. We also hope this event will help players progress toward existing and upcoming content!

Players will have to complete missions in Brelshaza (HM), Kayangel (HM), Akkan (NM/HM), Ivory Tower (NM/HM), Chaos Dungeons, and Guardian Raids to earn Honing Materials, Gold, Cards, Card XP, Accessories, Ability Stones, and Amulets! Similar to previous events, the more gates you clear during the course of the event, the more missions you will complete and rewards you will earn.

Twinkle Twinkle Shop (Golden Frog)

The “Twinkle Twinkle Exchange Shop” will return, an Event Gold Shop where players can exchange Gold for valuable rewards, such as honing materials, legendary engravings, card packs, and more! Some rewards will include a ‘Toad Token’ which can be redeemed for additional items. The Twinkle Twinkle Shop will be included in the Event Shop category, along with the Second Anniversary Event Shop. The event will end on March 20.

Store Updates

Providence and Unity Skins

The recent cosmetics designed by the community in Korea arrives as the Providence and Unity skins, Jalopy mount, Moon Fox pets, and Wallpaper: Night of Glittering Memories in the west. Celebrate the anniversary in style! Find the new cosmetics showcased below.

Vault Skins

For four weeks, we will be re-releasing some fan favorite skins. Hurry and get your hands on them— they’ll only be available for that one week before they disappear back in the vault.

  • Week 1 (02/07 - 02/14) Midsummer Night’s Series

  • Week 2 (02/14 - 02/21) Festival & Ball Series

  • Week 3 (02/21 - 02/28) Neon Wingsuit Series

  • Week 4 (02/28 - 03/06) Wave/Sand/Wind/Beach Swimsuit Series + Midnight Summertime Series


  • Made improvements to decrease the short client freeze that could occur during login, server connection, and environment load.

  • EAC related server code has been updated to change the game access flow between character selection to game world entrance.

    • Before: If EAC authentication has not been done during character selection, the game client will shut down.

    • After: If EAC authentication has not been done during character selection, players will be returned to server selection screen.

  • Purchase limit for Level Complete Pack (Lv.50) has changed from Roster bound to Account bound.