New Player Resources

January 24, 2023

Mokokos of Arkesia,

With new players beginning their adventures in Arkesia, we wanted to resurface some existing resources to help them level up! Leveling up to 50 and subsequently progressing through Tier 1 and 2 are intended to be used as a road for players to understand the many systems within Lost Ark, encourage exploration in the vast world of Arkesia, and learn how intricate mechanics play out in dungeons & battles. We’re excited for players to ramp up into more challenging and complex content as they progress in their journey, such as Legion Raids, which serve as hurdles for players to challenge themselves, master systems, and learn complex mechanics— so let’s talk about how you get there!

The current ‘welcome’ system in Lost Ark includes the Mokoko Challenge - which is why the community endearingly refers to new players as Mokokos. The Mokoko Challenge layers in additional progression mechanics to help accelerate new players through Tier 1 and 2.

  • Mokoko Buff - Players that have a new account or haven’t played within the past 30 days and have no characters at item level 1370 or higher will receive the Mokoko Buff. Users with the Mokoko Buff will deal 20% more damage to monsters and take 40% less damage. After 90 days pass or a character in your Roster reaches item level 1370, you will no longer be considered a new adventurer and the buff will end.

  • Mokoko Challenge Missions - Players that have the Mokoko Buff active can complete special missions to earn honing and other progression materials, helping them reach item level 1370. When the Mokoko Buff ends, the Mokoko Challenge missions will no longer be available, and unclaimed rewards for completed missions will be sent to Universal Storage.

Resources for New Players

Item Level & Progression

Are you a Lost Ark player who is still exploring and learning about the vast systems and features the game has to offer? Have you reached Level 50 and are looking for help on what you should tackle next? The Item Level & Progression Lost Ark Academy offers a look at Item Level and how to progress through Tier 1 after you’ve hit level 50 and finished the opening storyline.

Find the Item Level & Progression Academy article here.

Alternate Characters - ATK

Find wisdom from Lost Ark legend ATK who shares some tips and tricks for players interested in expanding their roster. With his own stacked roster of over 20 characters, not to mention the skill needed to play them, few know more about managing a roster and making efficient alternate characters than ATK.

Find the Alternate Characters Academy article here.

Player Etiquette

Many threats and activities require a skilled and coordinated team to successfully clear, so we partnered with Lost Ark legends Saintone and ZealsAmbitions to cover some tips, tricks, etiquette, and player behavior they’ve observed in their many journeys through the different regions.

With so many different team-based raids and dungeons, making sure you’re a good teammate is key for ensuring everyone is on the same page for a smooth run— whatever the activity may be. From looking for a group and knowing the lingo within the party finder tool, to making daily Guardian Raids straightforward with general etiquette, and preparing for end-game challenges requiring positioning, we hope these tips help you vanquish the demonic legions while in-sync with your team. Leveraging Saintone & ZealAmbitions’ suggestions will help get ready and ensure you’re the best teammate possible!

Find the Player Etiquette Academy article here.

We hope these resources are helpful as you begin your adventures in Arkesia! Looking for more advice? Checkout the awesome content creators on Twitch & YouTube creating guides and clearing content, or join other members of the Lost Ark community in our Discord or on our Official Forums.