June Update

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Defend yourself against the Covetous Legion Commander in the most difficult Legion Raid to date. The Frost Predator awaits you in a new Guardian Raid. If that’s not enough, there are 50 levels of a twisted dimension dungeon swarming with demons.

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Legion Raid

Demonic Desires

Battle the demon Vykas in an eight-player Legion Raid, but be careful—she loves to manipulate humans. She leverages her demonic abilities to tap into desire and lures you to lose all reason. Once in her grasp you’ll do whatever she wants; even turn against your own people.

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Guardian Raid

The Frost Predator

The Guardian Kungelanium wields frost winds, icing his enemies and destroying everything around him. Guardian Slayers with a 1460+ Item Level can battle this merciless Frost Predator in a new level 6 Guardian Raid.

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The Chaos Road

Enter a twisted dimension dungeon through the Thronespire statue in major cities. Thronespire is a pillar of darkness that sends a signal to Petrania, creating a rift in the dimension. Some say the rift acts as a chaos road from Petrania to Arkesia, allowing hordes of demons to invade. Experience a single player dungeon and work your way through 50 chaotic levels brimming with demons.

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